UPDATE: May 1, 2015

Fee Arbitrations are Mandatory for Attorneys when requested by the client. The Orange County Bar Association would handle most Mandatory Fee Arbitrations involving John Balent. This website encourages all clients with any billing issues with John Balent to use this program and further encourages other clients who have had similar billing issues with Mr. Balent to assist each other in Arbitration by providing declarations or witness testimony. For example, your lump billing statements could be helpful to others during fee arbitrations as could other experiences, such as Mr. Balent leading you to believe that your case would be flat fee that he would later overbill. This website is committed to putting other unhappy clients of John Balent in touch with each other in Mandatory Fee Arbitrations. To Date Public Records & Clients indicate that Attorney John Balent has been involved in at least THREE fee arbitrations with a client and this website can confirm that Mr. Balent is currently involved in another arbitration over $38,000 in disputed fees that is about to be held and this website will later post the results of that fee arbitration as soon as a decision is rendered.

This website also suspects that Mr. Balent has been involved with more Fee Arbitrations, but unfortunately, fee arbitrations are not generally public record.

If you have been involved in a Fee Arbitration With Mr. Balent We'd like to know.

Any current or potential client of Mr. Balent's should ask themselves if they wish to be represented by an attorney who has been taken to Fee Arbitration multiple times.

One of previous arbitration appears to have been agreed to by Mr. Balent and co-defendant, the now disbarred attorney Syndey Ericson during a negligence suit.

Below are some screen captures from the Orange County Superior Court regarding that case which show the parties agreed to fee arbitration. You can scroll through them using up & down arrows on the right. Although the short title is versus the Ericson Law Office, if you scroll down you will see that Mr. Balent is also a defendant.