A Public Records search indicates John Balent has been sued several times for Malpractice or Negligence according to the Orange County Superior Court website by what is assumed to be unhappy former clients.

Here is a list of the Case Numbers relating to those cases in the Orange County Superior Court system.

Case Number 02CC12268 (Malpractice Legal)

Case Number 799750 (Malpractice Legal)

Case Number 630492 (Malpractice Legal)

Case Number 703584 (Negligence)

In case numbers 630492 and 703584 Mr. Balent was a Defendant in Malpractice and Negligence cases along with Disbarred Attorney Sydney Ericson who has other connections to Mr. Balent that you can read about in the Association with Disbarred Attorneys link on this website. It appears the negligence case ended up in Fee Arbitration.

You can view any of these cases by visiting the Orange County Superior Court website and selecting the Online Access link and by further clicking on Civil Cases & Document Access link. From there you can search either by the case numbers shown above or you can find out about Mr. Balent's many Non Family Law cases or see where he has been sued in Civil Cases simply by searching by his name.

To be fair, each of the cases noted above where later dismissed. It is assumed that each case was settled in some fashion as Mr. Balent does claim to carry Malpractice insurance. In the case of the negligence case noted above it appears the parties agreed to fee arbitration. However, John Balent would have a vested interest in these cases not going to trail as he would have been required to report any entry of judgment against him to the California Bar Association per Business and Professions code Section 6068.

If you are a client or potential client of Mr. Balent you may want to ask yourself if you want to be represented by an attorney who has been sued on multiple occasions for matters such as Legal Malpractice & Negligence.