Public Records indicate that Attorney John Balent was sanctioned by then Commissioner Elisabeth Sichel (Now Judge Sichel) for his submitting a Judgment for her signature that contained information contradictory to her rulings which resulted in the loss of health care insurance for his client's spouse. Commissioner Sichel then imposed sanctions against Mr. Balent in the amount of $1100.00

Given Public Records indicate a pattern of misconduct, It is suspected that Mr. Balent may have been sanctioned other times, but to date such public records have not been located (But we are continuing to look).

As a current or potential client of Mr. Balent you should ask yourself if you wish to be represented by an attorney who was sanctioned for submitting a false judgment to the court.

Below is a copy of a complaint filed by the California State Bar Court (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) against Mr. Balent as a result of his failure to report this sanction pursuant to California Business & Professions Code Section 6068(O)(3), which triggered an investigation by the State Bar. Under the terms of Mr. Balent's previous Public Reproval with duties imposed by the State Bar Court regarding Mr. Balent's previous misconduct matter, Mr. Balent was required to report any such Sanction to the State Bar within 30 days. Naturally, Mr. Balent failed to do so.