Disclaimer: We are not at this time formally accusing John Balent of harvesting clients through the church, but we do suspect it. We give John Balent the benefit of the doubt on this issue until such time that more clients claiming as much come forward.

How Does John Balent find clients?

This website has conducted an investigation into John Balent's advertising dating back to the 1980's. Aside from John Balent's website (See false advertising) John Balent appears to have done very little public advertising over the years. There has been a very limited amount of Yellow Page/Book advertising and John Balent was sued for not paying his Yellow Book advertising (See Civil Suits). So the question is...How have client's found John Balent over the years? We may have a possible answer....Clients have reported to this website that they were referred to Mr. Balent from their very own Churches!

Ever notice how John Balent sometimes ends a phone conversation with words such as "God Bless?" It certainly struck the author of this website as odd considering the author had no official religious affiliation and John Balent would only sometimes make that statement (and probably bill for it). Based on clients now reporting that they were referred to John Balent through their Church, this website suspects that John Balent sometimes forgets if you're a client that was harvested through church or not.

Although still under investigation, if true, the thought of harvesting clients through churches would be pretty despicable. It capitalizes on your faith and deceives you into applying that faith in John Balent to serve your interests at a very emotional and vulnerable time in your life. It's a different kind of false advertising in a place where you have the utmost trust in the source. Sort of a wolf in sheep's clothing if this type of harvesting of clients is true.

Were you referred to John Balent through a Church or any type of faith based organization?

If you were referred to John Balent by anyone affiliated with a church, we REALLY would like you to report this to this website.

Here is a little bit about what we know about John Balent and churches:

John Balent appears to be a member of the Placentia Presbyterian Church according to the church website.

At least one client was referred to John Balent by the Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton Just a few blocks down the street from Mr. Balent's office and it has been reported to this website that Mr. Balent has been observed there in the past, which appears a bit odd considering he is a member of the Presbyterian Church?

John Balent's name appears in the meeting minutes for the The Presbytery of Los Ranchos multiple times when you search the words "John Balent Church." This website suspects this could one of several possible ways John Balent networks via the church. Public record searches have indicated that Mr. Balent has current cases in not only Orange county, but also Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, so how do clients find John Balent with his offices a fair distance to these counties?

A negative posting from 2011 on John Balent's Avvo page indicates a church connection to the hiring of John Balent, which reads as follows"
"I was referred to Mr. Balent by an acquaintence from church. After 1 1/2yrs of Mr. Balent as my attorney, 18K$ in fees, he convinced me to give up the % of overtime in support that had been granted me by the court. My marriage was bifurcated and progressed to a trial. Mr. Balent showed up to court without any documents, completely unprepared, and had told me not to show up. My trial was started anyway, my ex husband was pro per and I was cross-examined by him. Mr. Balent did nothing to prevent this situation. I was forced to hire another attorney mid trial. Mr. Balent did not fulfill his contract, never advocated for me or my children, and was never prepared. He told me I would never get the support that I was entitled to. I know three other women who hired, then fired him for mismanagement. You do NOT want to hire this attorney unless you like to throw hard earned money away to someone who does not do the work they promise."

Help Us Protect You and Others:

With enough evidence from current and former clients of Church Harvesting, this website will take action to prevent further harvesting by adding that information to this website and will also contact those churches and perhaps even set up the same protest that we sometimes set up in front of John Balent's office in front of those churches during services to make the membership aware of John Balent's Public Record. So again, if you were referred to John Balent by a church or any organization PLEASE contact us and let us know.