From time to time to alert the public of John Balent's Public record of Bar Complaints, Malpractice Suits, Civil Suits, Judicial Sanctions, Lump Billing Practices and other issues we sometimes will pubicly protest in front of John Balent's office. John Balent, His wife Barbara Balent (Sometimes referred to as Barbara McNabb probably to make you not realize she's John Balent's wife), his office Manager Kerry Mahler and the staff of the building in which John Balent's office is located have been rather unamused at our precense and have taken some reason bizarre steps to attempt to impede our constitutional right to protest and to prevent your right to know about John Balent's public record.

Here are some examples of what John Balent's Office did to impede our protest:

1. They called the police about 2 minutes after we first set up in front of John Balent's offices. The Police properly informed them that we had a constitutional right to protest provided we left space on the sidewalk and did not impede entry into the building, which of course we were in full compliance.

2. They began an amusing game of musical cars to block our banner. This became a daily game of moving shorter standing vehicles parked in front of the building when we first arrived and replacing them with large trucks or SUVs. This was quite entertaining as it took two employees to pull this off with perfect timing so that we would not block the space ourselves......And they STILL do it! So we have purchased a bull horn and car magnets (on our own car) and are in the process of obtaining addition banners to hang onto our car facing the street and are planning to employ a 2nd banner and table across the street.

3. Then they began a bit of an intimidation campaign by having this goony looking dufus character (Since identified as David Michael Simms, Brother of Kerry Mahler. Here is his Facebook Page) sit in a chair right behind us or across from us for hours at a time that would never engage in our attempts at friendly conversation. He would also sometimes pull out his phone and take our picture. After several days they finally gave up on this tactic.

4. Then John Balent's Office Manager, Kerry Mahler, would hilariously attempt to block the view of our banner with her body as she lead clients (or potential clients) out the door.

5. Then they apparently began telling clients to enter the back parking lot of the building and lead the client in and out the back door in the hopes they didn't see our banner driving in.

6. Then John Balent began leaving his office early. We suspect he may be meeting clients at another location. Perhaps they call up a client and give some excuse as to why his office cannot be used (Perhaps there was an ethics outbreak in the area) and ask the client to meet them at another location?

7. Finally, one day John Balent's Office Manager Kerry Mahler's frustration got the best of her and after taking our card out of the hands of a prospective client she called us a couple of bad words and then pushed over our table. The police had earlier cautioned us that something like this might occur and suggested we call them out if something like this happened. So we did. When the Police arrived suddenly Kerry Mahler and John Balent's wife state to the officer that we had pushed her into the table. Only problem was.....We were videotaping the incident. We declined to press charges on Ms. Mahler giving her the benefit of doubt from simple frustration over the reality that the public was finding out about the public record of John Balent.

8. After that came the character defining moment, Amazingly both John Balent and his Office Manager Kerry Mahler filed a for a Civil Harassment Restraining order against us. Both requests were of course denied by the presiding Judge.