This comes after his previous suspension due in part to our previous State Bar complaint.

"JOHN ALBERT BALENT [#70060], 65, of Brea, was suspended from the practice of law for 60 days and ordered to take the MPRE. He was also placed on two years’ probation and faces a two-year suspension if he does not comply with the terms of his disciplinary probation."

Excerpt from The October 2015 Edition of the California Bar Journal, the official publication of the California State Bar.

Consumers Beware: John Balent is back from his recent 2 month suspension as of June 26th!
(But thankfully still on two Years Probation through April 2017)

We strongly recommend you watch this film about the Family Court System
Available On Netflix as of September 1, 2015.
It may tell a similar story of your past or future after hiring John Balent.

Click on the above graphic to visit and watch the trailer.

Join the Growing List of Current & Former Clients
Wishing To See Attorney John A. Balent Disbarred.
If you are a Current or Former Client, a Former Employee
or have had a business relationship with John A. Balent, please Contact us and help us build a network to assist former clients in the recovery of fees charged under false circumstances.

One's first impression is that attorney John Balent makes you feel at ease and appears honest and trustworthy and gives you a calming feeling that everything is going to be okay with his expert representation that touts a practice dedicated exclusively to family law since 1976. However, upon a Review of Public Records and Client Experiences a far different story begins to emerge about Attorney John Balent.

Public Records Indicate That Attorney John Balent has had Bar Complaints & Disciplinary Action For Professional Misconduct, Was Sued Multiple Times for Malpractice, Was Sued in Civil Court, Was Ordered to Pay Judicial Sanctions, Was Taken to Fee Arbitrations and Engages in False Advertising & Lump Billing Practices. Click On The Links To The Left To Learn More!

Does this scenario sound familiar in any way?
During an initial consultation with John Balent, you are assured that he can handle your entire matter for "X" number of dollars. Mr. Balent then scribbles all over his Retainer Agreement, circling some items, drawing lines through other things and writing a few things in various places to draw your attention away from a single line in the retainer that reads "Additional Fees" "X" dollars per hour. After hire you find the communication isn't so great, calls are not returned, errors are made on your case and at some point in the future you are shocked and mortified to find out that John Balent has greatly exceeded the figure you were assured would handle your entire matter, in some cases 200% to 750%. Once you finally see a billing statement you are not only shocked by the amount, but the bill has multiple billing items lumped into virtually every line of the bill with no possible way for you to figure out what the cost was for any particular task. You challenge John Balent that he told you he would handle your entire matter for the quote "X" number of dollars and he tells you he has no memory of ever telling you that. At this point you are frustrated, perhaps a bit embarrassed and not really sure what to do because you either cannot afforded another attorney or somehow John Balent makes statements to make you think it won't cost much more to complete your entire matter and you mistakenly allow him to continue to represent you, costing you literally thousands of dollars that you would have never imagined to have spent on the matter. And at some point in time you cut your losses and fire Mr. Balent....Or, you have caught on early to the handling of your case and fire John Balent and ask for a refund of the remaining amount and then receive a bill that has eaten up your entire retainer and has just enough of a balance owed to intimidate you into not taking that matter further for fear he will try to collect on that balance.

This seems to be one of a few common stories told by former clients of John Balent. These clients are also led to believe they have no recourse due to the language in John Balent's Retainer Agreement. The facts are you have many rights and recourses that you may not be aware of that you should be using not only to protect yourself, but to protect other former, current and future clients of John Balent. Just like rape is an under reported crime, so are the crimes of some attorneys and John Balent is a prime example of an attorney who appears to be seriously ethically challenged.

Learn How To Fight Back!
In addition to making the public aware of John Balent's Public Record and Practices, we also give you the tools to fight back against John Balent and will personally assist you in with evidence to support Credit Card Disputes, Mandatory Fee Aribitrations, Civil Suits, and complaints to the State Bar of California. We also encouarge clients to be in contact with each other to build a network united against John Balent. This website will assist in putting you in touch with each other.

Here are some resources to make your complaints about John Balent known to others.

Write a Review of John Balent on this attorney review & advertising website.

Write a Review of John Balent on This Popular Consumer Website.

Report Your Experiences With John Balent on This Consumer Protection Website.

Report Your Experiences With John Balent on This Consumer Protection Website.

Report Your Experiences With
This Consumer Protection Website.

Report Your Experiences With
This Consumer Protection Website.

Report John Balent to Regulatory Authorities:

File a formal complaint against John Balent with the California State Bar.

Report John Balent and His False Advertising to the Federal Trade Commission.

Report John Balent and His False Advertising to the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Report John Balent and His False Advertising to the Consumer Fraud Department of the Orange County District Attorney.

Join Us On Social Media To Share Experiences With John Balent.

Help Build a Network of Clients Who Can Help Each Other With Actions Against John Balent.
(Facebook may force you to open a new window to view our Facebook page)

Place comments on videos we have uplaoded to You Tube regarding John Balent.
(You Tube may force you to open a new window to view our YouTube Channel)

Join Our Public Protest in Front of John Balent's Office.

Come out and assist us in public protests in front of John Balent's office. Throughout the remainder of 2014 and into 2015 we plan to protest in front of John Balent's office as often as possible and we would greatly appreciate the efforts of any former client who would like to join us for maximum coverage in our efforts to alert any current or potential client of John Balent's public record. We will soon have multiple tables and banners available for maximum daily coverage during business hours. We also now have a Bull Horn for when they try to block our banner with their cars!



The Purpose of this website is to inform the public about attorney John A. Balent. This website, a work in progress, uses Public Records and the experiences of current and former clients regarding Family Law Attorney John A. Balent of Brea California. This information is provided so that any current or potential client of Mr. Balent's can make an informed choice regarding the hiring of Mr. Balent or if they wish to continue retaining his Legal Services. In addition this Website encourages any current or former clients of Mr. Balent, to share their experiences (good or bad) about Mr. Balent with this Website. This Website also encourages current and former clients of Mr. Balent who feel he committed misconduct to file complaints with the California Bar Association for the purposes of Disciplining or Disbarring Mr. Balent. Clients who feel they have been taken advantage of by Mr. Balent's through their bill or by Mr. Balent's practice of lump billing are encouraged to dispute their bill and file for Mandatory Fee Arbitration which is available through your local Bar Association.

Everything on this Website is taken from personal experiences from current or former clients of Mr. Balent, internet Resources, Client's Records, and Public Records & Documents.

Please send me your questions or comments. This website is VERY interested if you found this website useful or interesting. If you ruled out hiring John A. Balent as a result of this website, we would appreciate you sending us an email to let us know. If you are a current or former client of John A. Balent please send an email to be placed on our emailing list for updates in our effort to have John A. Balent Disciplined or Disbarred.

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